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Feb 23, 2020

Jeff Minsky is an award-winning advertising and digital media pioneer and media technologist. He joins the show to talk about why one would want to attend CES, the value it can provide to both consumers and advertising and media professionals, and how it has evolved over the years. Jeff also gives some insider tips of making the most of your time at CES, what attendees tend to do wrong, and how we can know what to look for to better understand how consumers will be thinking and acting in two to three years.



  • ● CES is designed for the consumer electronics industry but has attracted a very large number of C-level marketers and media professionals.
  • ● CES is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, and the core premise is the stage for the next generation of technology to be unveiled and understood.
  • ● You can see huge technology expos at CES, or walk the floor to find out about something simple yet powerful, such as a brand new pillow.
  • ● Make sure you are carrying four to five portable battery chargers with you at the show — phones drain fast!
  • ● Plan to spend at least one to two days just committed to walking the show floor. There are over 4,400 companies that exhibit, and you can really make the most of the event by immersing yourself in it. The more you make connections on the floor, the more you can later leverage media partnerships and understand future consumer behavior.
  • ● Yes, it’s true — there really is a robot playing ping pong at CES!
  • ● Not only is getting a first-hand look at future consumer behavior interesting, but it predicts how we will transact and behave with one another in our homes and lives.
  • ● We should look at trends and adapt them for longer-term brand opportunities, thinking ahead for what will be relevant for two to three years.
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