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Jul 12, 2018

This episode features Nicole Purcell, President of Clio Awards. We talk about automation and AI’s impact on creatives, the current state of awards ceremonies, and the impact Nicole’s family business had on her work ethic. She and Kevin also talk about diversity and the evolving context of appropriate conduct in the workplace, how we get into an environment of rewards, and how to elevate awards from being different than a participation medal.



[3:15] Nicole inherited a strong work ethic from her family. They had a family business in New Jersey, which kept them traveling to the regional warehouses. Since these warehouses were run by mostly men, Nicole learned to take care of herself in all different types of environments.

[12:29] Nicole recounts some examples of when she had to deal with CEO’s not so politically correct behavior in the early stages of her career.

[18:17] Nicole views Clio as a family business and encourages family members of employees to come to check out events, to see where their loved one is spending their time and energy.

[27:15] Kevin shares an example of walking away from an off-color joke at a recent work event. The line of what’s appropriate and what’s offensive now is in a gray zone, and the context is evolving.

[33:31] Nicole tells the women in her workplace that if they are too fearful or hesitant to speak up about an issue, or someone acting inappropriate towards them, she will do it for them.

[39:34] Kevin’s LinkedIn page boasts some new and imaginary awards to show the ridiculous current nature of award categories.

[42:50] Kevin and Nicole both agree that we should look behind the scenes at companies, and see if they are really making a difference, or just presenting it through a campaign. Typically, brands submit case studies.

[46:34] Nicole walks us through the steps of award submissions, jury decisions, discussion round and then finally choosing who will receive the awards and which ones are appropriate for them to win.

[50:04] Nicole and Kevin talk about the expansion of the Clio Awards, and how Nicole is now running a company instead of just a brand.

[55:51] Be sure to get out there and network not just over video games, but in real life.



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  • ● “Stay away from scorched earth.”
  • ● “I so despise giving each other high fives for nonsense.” — KR
  • ● “I think impact awards are important, to show people that are really making the world a better place.” — NP
  • ● “We don’t want to just be an awards show; we love honoring inspiring people, and want to do that every day throughout the year.” — NP