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Dec 28, 2018

Doug Schumacher joins the show today to talk with us about the present and future of speech and voice recognition, Facebook as the new MySpace, and exactly what Facebook is apologizing for today as opposed to yesterday. He also discusses where the voice space is being used correctly and where the strategy falls short. Doug is in a unique position not only from the perspective of a marketer but someone accumulating marketing information from working social media channels.



[3:30] Friendship doesn’t count unless it’s on Facebook, right? Doug and Kevin are celebrating their 10th Friendaversary, through being pals on Facebook only before linking up in the human realm.

[5:54] As of December 14, today’s Facebook apology was a bug that may have exposed photos of 6.8 million people. Doug explains that people have had a good tolerance for privacy violations in the past, but he feels it would be the one he would miss the least of The Big Four (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon).

[13:46] It’s one thing for a user to understand that in using a site or network, they are giving some access to their information to marketers. It’s another for the site completely to breach privacy wishes when users intentionally decide to not share photos or data that ends up getting shared.

[16:02] It’s very rare that it’s one thing that happens in a network’s “slow death.” It happens over time, with one of the standing concerns is the Groups feature being tarnished, as many name Groups as one of the last standing features they still find useful and worthwhile on Facebook.

[22:01] It varies from network to network, but community size, fan growth rate, activity levels, posting volumes, engagement volumes are the major KPIs people are looking at. Beyond that, content analysis can tell us why specific things are happening and what types of content people are engaging with.

[26:07] To Doug, social media is just one simple easy place to follow what a brand is doing, and to also stay on top of the latest in your competitor’s world.

[30:02] The voice space is growing quickly, with a user base of 50 to 60 million users so far in the U.S. alone.

[32:35] In Google search, while people tend to use short, succinct phrases, they tend to ramble in Voice search. This shows not only the difference in the way people interface but the need for Voice to work in different parameters.

[33:41] The big complaint in Voice now is not being understood or heard correctly.

[45:09] The common tasks that people find helpful and effective for Voice are to play music, set timers, and go to hands-free in the kitchen. In some ways, it’s introducing people to consuming new content and communication in a convenient way.