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Dec 21, 2019

Sir John Durham is a living legend in the digital business and one of the true godfathers of digital marketing as we know it today. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing General Partner of San Francisco-based marketing firm, Catalyst. He has also held many roles in marketing and advertising at companies such as Jumpstart Automotive Media, Carat Fusion, Winstar Interactive Media, and MapQuest.



  • ● John is an industry leader and sought after speaker. He is also the CEO of Catalyst SF, a brand strategy firm that provides marketing services for startups and brands.
  • ● A ‘Durhamism’ is a snippet of knowledge that reflects John’s values, beliefs, and wisdom. They are special because they are his personal opinion and thought, and all are welcome to agree or disagree, and to use it at a time where it syncs up with their thoughts and feelings.
  • ● John posts his Durhamisms Monday–Friday and loves getting messages from his followers and friends telling him how they impact their particular life and situation. 
  • ● It’s okay to be curious and childlike. Remember that we don’t save lives in marketing, and there is nothing worth losing your mind about.
  • ● John endured a severe illness but he stayed focused on joy and gratitude.
  • ● Great marketing professionals put themselves in the place of the customer. What they want, what’s in it for them, and how it relates to the messaging about whatever it is they are trying to sell.
  • ● To someone with great values like John, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it matters how you treat people.
  • ● Approach day one at a time, with joy.
  • ● Travel is good for perspective. We should have pride in our country but also curiosity and respect for others.
  • Quotes:
  • ● “Always put your mind in the customer[’s place].”
  • ● “When I travel, I appreciate where I’ve been.”
  • ● “Smart people make us smarter.”
  • ● “The most important trip you may take is meeting people halfway.”
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