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Mar 12, 2020

Jim Spanfeller is the CEO of G/O Media, CEO and President of Spanfeller Media Group, and Former CEO of He helped shape the advertising and publishing business and continues to be a driving force in using a sound approach to marketing. He joins Kevin in New Orleans for a talk about how to get people to engage in the publishing space, what is still broken in marketing, the future of cookies, and how to find the right people for the right message.



  • ● Prior to joining Forbes, Jim also served as chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), publisher at Inc. magazine and also held senior positions at Newsweek.
  • ● Third-party data gave us the opportunity to buy and scale, but nefarious things such as buying bots, no ads being seen, or multiple ads on a page came to fruition. This led to verification sources, but there is still much to be changed about the current practice.
  • ● We must acknowledge that the model is broken, and it calls for an awareness of new privacy regulations.
  • ● Programmatically buying contextual advertising will drive the overall push for impressions into a more controlled environment, which will take away the notion that there was an unlimited supply.
  • ● Jim explains why his view of advertising is still optimistic, despite the current broken state of the industry.
  • Quotes:
  • ● “When we really get right down to it, it’s a large number, but it’s a defined number of ad impressions that anyone would want to buy.”
  • ● “I don’t know what these people do for a living where they have time to go deep shopping for Nikes.”
  • ● “People don’t go to the web to look at ads. They go to be entertained, informed, and delighted.”
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