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Jun 9, 2020

The well-known and widely-respected Rob Norman joins the show this week. Before retiring, Rob served as GroupM’s North American CEO and global chief digital officer. In today’s episode, Rob and Kevin talk about creating a resume that highlights your superpowers, the need to be self-aware and civil to one another now more than ever, and how we can still try to maintain social relationships during this remote time.



  • While many of us are lucky to have a job where we can work from home, we are missing out on getting a feel for what our coworkers and colleagues are up to via osmosis from walking and talking with them.
  • Rob discusses the new form of division where people are forced back to work due to the nature of their work, or the nature of their domestic situation. We must be mindful of businesses that are dependent on large populations for their survival.
  • The more we are self-aware and thoughtful of other people, the more we lessen the risk of harm for the entire population. While we are social creatures and need personal relationships in work and personal life to remain healthy, we can moderate how we engage in social activities to make them safer.
  • Instead of viewing your resume as just one isolated job after another, think about what you can offer now that no one else has done.
  • Yes, some people are close to you for clout, while some are your true friends. When you have a career like Rob where you are truly respected and endeared, they still stick around after retirement.
  • While we may have seen large budget cuts at the start of the pandemic, Rob delineated that it is a response to the emergency, not a reason for us to panic that the industry has changed completely.



  • “Don’t think about your resume as a series of jobs, but try to deconstruct it to find a superpower that can arise from something you have done.
  • “A lot of people have a relationship with your business card, and a lot of people have a relationship with you. Sometime’s it’s both.”


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